My name is Robert F. Beeger.


I’m a software developer based in Hamburg, Germany.

I worked on many projects with Java, on some with Objective C and also Swift. I have played around at times with JavaScript, Delphi, Python and Ruby. I have even looked at such strange languages as Scala and Clojure though I haven’t found anything there that would make me invest more time into them.

While the sun is up and shining — or while it would be up and shining when not obscured by clouds — and sometimes after it has gone to shine on some other part of the world, I work on the LifeTime iOS-app for LifeTime.

In my spare time I love to read science fiction books and any other kind of book that somehow catches my attention through exceptional writing style or simply a good story. In my spare time I also work on my top secret killer apps about which you’ll read on this blog as soon as they’re ready for the public.

This is my private blog. So I write about anything I deem interesting enough to tell the world. Sometimes it has some relation to my job and software development in general but other times it’s just some other stuff — often something about the books I read or movies I watch.

The whole website is generated with Jekyll. It uses the font Reenie Beanie for headings and the icons are from Font Awesome Pro.