Chronodget is an app for iPhones and iPads running iOS/iPadOS 15 and newer. It is an app that enables you to create time based widgets that can then be placed on the home screens of your devices.

The most obvious use for Chronodget is the creation of clock widgets. Those clocks can as simple as the following analog and radial clocks.

Simple Chronodget Clocks

But they can also be something totally different like the following binary clock or the text clock at the top of this page.

Binary Chronodget Clocks

Chronodget is not only for clocks. It can be used to build more general types of progress indicators. The following widget has a 24-hour clock on the left side. On the right side it shows in the top row the current weekday, in the center row the current progress towards the end of the month and in the bottom row the current progress towards the end of the year.

Bars Chronodget Widget

Chronodget widgets are built from basic components like rectangles, ellipses and text. Those components have several properties including their position, size, color and rotation that can change over defined periods of time.

A usage manual is available in English and German showing in a step by step tutorial how to build a widget with Chronodget.

Chronodget UI