First released in 2015 under a somewhat weird name, WeightGlance keeps up with the original mission, but with a better name, fewer bugs, better animations and much nicer colors.

The mission as it was back in 2015 and as it is now is this: I enjoy food, but food enjoys somehow transforming itself into more weight and visibly so. To motivate myself to exercise and be more selective about the food I indulge in, I track my weight.

I’ve tried some apps. Some are good, others are too complicated. I had the inkling that I could come up with a better concept for a weight tracking app. I didn’t want an app using line graphs and I didn’t want an app with superfluous separate screens.

So I created WeightGlance which allows me to easily enter my current weight each day and gives me an overview of my weight during the last seven days and the averages during the last few weeks. No additional graphs, no additional screens and no cluttering with superfluous text.

Oh, and it comes with seven color themes and they all now look really nice. So you can either use the one you like the most, or you change it as often as you like.

I use it daily. If you want to try it, use the following AppStore link: