Let's start

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I finally did it and am now one of the thousands of bloggers.

My blog entries will be irregular. You cannot count on having a new one every day, week …

So let’s start. What’s new? Oh well, the World Cup is going on and today the Germans won their match against Paraguay. I never understood – and probably never will – why so many people all over the world are so fascinated about this simple game. Twenty men are hunting for a ball. It’s a normal ball made of leather. It is not even made of gold or platinum. So they are hunting for this ball. But when one of them gets hold of the ball, he does not take it away. He starts kicking it to one end of the playing field. Now on both ends there is something called goal and and someone called goalkeeper is guarding this goal. The guy who is kicking the ball tries to kick it into the goal. Hey, some minutes ago he tried hard to get the ball, and now he wants to get rid of it. What’s going on here. Maybe he’s sick. Maybe it’s the schizophrenia. Poor guy. Or should I say “poor guys”, because all of those 20 hunters would do the same in a similar situation.

That’s football for you. Strange game, strange sport