The Humor in Kill Bill

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It’s some time since I watched this movie. It was on the same evening that I thought about writing something about it, but I’ve been very lazy. So it took me some time to get to it, but at least here I am

There are many critics who say that no bit of Tarentino’s humor is visible in the movie. “Pulp Fiction”, they tell us, was a great movie, but “Kill Bill” is just another brutal and rude movie with no visible sense of humor.

I don’t know. Did I watch another movie? Did they really watch it or did they only conclude this from the setting of the movie? It’s OK. “Pulp Fiction” is a great movie, but it’s also a totally different one. Did they expect Tarentino to do a “Pulp Fiction 2” or something like that? Why should he do it? It would most likely be boring. It would be like a meal you haven’t finished yesterday, so you put it again on the stove today. It’s OK. It’s even tasty, but it’s old. In “Kill Bill” Tarentino tried some other spices and what he cooked is very good IMHO.

And it’s full of humor. Sometimes it’s a bit hard, but nevertheless good. I was laughing through the whole film. And yeah, it’s full of blood. But the blood comes out in fountains and there is so much of it that you really cannot take it serious and it becomes art.

The only disappointing thing about the movie is that it was cut into two ones. I would have been glad to sit for three hours in the cinema with no break and to watch it from the beginning to the end. “The Lord of The Rings” taught us to take movies of that length in one piece. They will make more money with those two parts than they would have made with just one long movie. This is understandable but it adds some bitter taste to it.