New Applications Directly Supporting Squareness Look And Feel

| Tags: dev, java

I came across two other applications which directly support Squareness Look And Feel.

The “Magic-Project” is a computerized version of Magic The Gathering, a very famous collectible card game, that can be played in a LAN or over the internet. The Magic Project comes preinstalled with Squareness Look And Feel and other look and feels. I’ve never played Magic and so I don’t understand the program, but it looks good - especially with Squareness switched on :)

WordRider is a text editor for a very special text format that can be read on the TI-89 calculator. It’s base installation package doesn’t contain Squareness, but there is a link to Squareness on the website and Squareness will be available in the “Look & Feel”-menu if you put the jar file in WordRider’s lib directory.

In the meanwhile I have released an update to the look and feel, which fixes a bug reported by the author of the Magic-Project. Strangely there was a recursion that only occurred on JDialogs that used look and feel painted window decorations (border and window buttons). Fortunately finding and fixing the bug only took about 6 hours.

I think finding it was so fast because of YourKit Profiler. The bug resulted in 100% CPU time consumption. So I started the profiler, had a look at the findings and nearly immediately got the idea what was wrong. Without the profiler I would have been forced to use System.out debugging or real step-by-step-debugging, which probably would have been a bit difficult. But so, it was a breeze. Somehow I never used profilers before, partly because they nearly always look very complicated with all their graphs and partly because they are mostly very expensive. Those two statements aren’t true of Yourkit Profiler. The personal license is rather cheap and the generated snapshots are very clean and readable.

Back to Squareness: I also released an updated version of the Windowblinds skin. It has been quite some time since the last release. I originally planned to make a 2.0 release that would come with some new color schemes and would be accompanied by a finished Colorizer. But that will take some more time and this new release contains some bugfixes and improvements which I just didn’t want to keep from the public any longer.