The Zen Of CSS Design

| Tags: book, web, css

Have you ever dwelt in the CSS Zen Garden staring amazed at all those nice designs and asked and asked yourself how the hell you could learn all those neat tricks that made the designs possible. Surely one of the options – and till now the only – is to simply read the CSS code for each design and try to distill the piece of code that makes this design special.

“The Zen Of CSS Design” is a guided tour 36 hand picked design. In this guide the authors Dave Shea – the creator of the CSS Zen Garden – and Molly Holzschlag tell you what you can learn from each design and also give useful background and further tips on the topics they talk about. The references to online and book resources are very useful for example.

This book is a full color book. There’s no limitation on gray scale tones or a fixed number of say 4 colors. It’s printed in true color. So it’s also pretty nice to look into. I think this book wouldn’t work in gray scale. It is about design and what effect it has on the people seeing it. Seeing the designs in gray scale would destroy the effect of many designs.