Tungsten T5 1.1 Update

The last palmOne newsletter informed me about an update for my T5. As I have confessed in some earlier post on this blog I’m a version number fetishist. So it wasn’t long before I downloaded the update and started the installation. One of the new promised features was the optimization of the filesystem.

The update took at least 1/2 of an hour. Though the installer promised to restore all my data and all my installed applications, I sadly was presented with a clean PalmOS afterwards. Unfortunately the HotSync which was meant to restore my data coughed up on some logfile from a game that I have uninstalled months ago.

So I needed another hour to reinstall eReader and all the other applications, to look up all the reg keys and type them in. And well, I didn’t notice any performance improvements. The games I have installed on the internal flash drive still take the same time to load up.

Well, that was a waste of time. That’s the punishment for always having to install the newest version of anything.