Squareness DevBlog

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For my Squareness project I have created a development blog, which I’m using to blog about all kinds of development news concerning Squareness. There are sometimes long periods of time without new releases. This blog will fill in the time between releases.

I took this oportunity to test another blogging system - WordPress. I haven’t been using anything other than MovableType for some time now. I’m still statisfied with MovableType, but I wanted to see what this thing so many people talk about looks like.

Creating the theme was a breeze. Most parts were already present in the Squareness site. I took the default theme as a template for my own and replaced many things around the WordPress tags. The admin GUI looks nice and is quite intuitive. There’s also a port of the Markdown plugin and it also seems to have its SmartyPants on. Very nice.