Chronicles of Blood and Stone

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Over the last two months I read the “Chronicles of Blood and Stone” trilogy by Robert Newcomb. It’s a very well written fantasy trilogy with an interesting magic system. I found it to be very gripping and couldn’t let go of it till I read through all three books.

Only now I have found out that this trilogy is only the first part in a trilogy of trilogies. The first book of the second trilogy has only recently been released. Damn, it won’t be until 2010 till the last book is released. Most likely 2015 is a more realistic guess. Oh, I so hate it to wait for sequels. I have canceled reading George R.R. Martin after two of the 6 planned books in his “A Song of Fire and Ice”. He’s now at part 4 and I’m waiting 2 years now for the finished series.

Well at least Stephen King finished his “Dark Tower”-cycle. So maybe I’ll start reading “The Gunslinger” again.