deviantART v5

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deviantART is – as the name may hint at – an art community. People submit art of all kinds – mostly images of all sorts – and other people comment on those posts – named deviations. It’s not an exclusive club or something like that. They let me – with my rather limited art talents – in, so it cannot be exclusive ;) Many deviations probably don’t qualify as art. On the other hand: What is art and what are the metrics to assess whether something is art or not?

Yesterday version 5 of deviantART was deployed. The new version looks really sleek and is a great improvement over the last one. The menus need getting used to, though. The first time I opened one of the new menus I moved the mouse cursor to an entry with an arrow and waited. The arrow indicates that there is a sub menu and normally the sub menu appears by itself after a while. Not so in dA v5. You have to click on it. The sub menu then replaces the original one. So it’s somewhat like navigating a file system. It’s not bad and probably the right choice for a web application - cascading javascript menus tend to be a bit jerky. They shouldn’t have taken the arrow as a sub menu indicator, though. The similarity to the menus you see on other applications implies that something will happen that surely won’t happen.