Three Secrets

Martin asked me to tell the world three personal secrets. Well OK, I won’t tell you any real secrets, but here are some facts that are not generally known about me and may be fun to read about:

  • My first computer was an “Atari PC3”. I got it as a xmas present in 1989. I thought computers to be rather boring back then. When my parents told me about their plan to buy me a computer I said “Well OK, but don’t expect me to spend each day in front of it.”

  • The first object-oriented program I wrote, was a Morse alphabet learning program. It was written in Turbo C++. It contained three classes that roughly grouped the functions of it into modules. It was so un-object-oriented, I can only smile at that memory, but it had a GUI made up from hand-written widgets with the right highlighting and shadows to produce a 3D effect.

  • The first science fiction book I ever read was Starglider by James Follett. It was included in the package of the game Starglider, which I bought a year or so after getting my first computer. Back then I was only reading books from Victor Hugo, Alexandré Dumas and the likes. I thought reading SF would be boring. Watching “Star Trek” was cool, but reading books of that sort couldn’t be. The game itself was disappointing, but the book wasn’t that bad. So I began reading SF and today SF is what I mainly read.

I’m supposed to pass the baton to three other bloggers. Unfortunately all blogging pals I know already got it from someone else.