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TiddlyWiki is a wiki contained in one page. You can download an empty TiddlyWiki and put it anywhere you want – on a USB stick for example. It doesn’t need any database. It’s only one HTML page with lots of JavaScript and CSS. You simply add and edit tiddlers (that’s what the parts of a TiddlyWiki are called). You can even change the layout and the colors of the wiki by editing specialized tiddlers. Once you press the save button, TiddlyWiki writes itself back into the file from which it was loaded.

TiddlyWiki makes use of AJAX. So there are no flickering reloads. It all looks nice and works smooth. You can also install plugins to extend TiddlyWiki.

TiddlyWiki is a useful application when you just need some scrapbook and don’t want to use a server side wiki. From a technical viewpoint the fact that it writes and changes itself is also quite interesting.