Ender's Game

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It’s now over 20 years since I first read “Ender’s Game” by Orson Scott Card. I remember that I was searching the science fiction shelf in my local library for something new to read when the german translation of “Ender’s Game” caught my eye.

It was one of those books you start reading and only stop to go to sleep or eat something. It had it all: a gripping story, characters you could identify with and a cool setting. Although I nearly never reread books since there are so many interesting ones I haven’t read yet, I just thought to myself “Wouldn’t it be cool to read it again” and bought it in the kindle store. And as before I read through it until I finished it.

Nowadays books like “Ender’s Game” are categorized as “Young Adult” books. It’s not a hard science science fiction book. The plot isn’t overly complicated, but it has it’s fill of philosophy. It’s also a book that is easy to read. But despite being like that or perhaps because of it, it’s a recommendable book even for the no longer quite so young adult.

In the nearly 30 years since it’s publication Orson Scott Card has written some sequels  and prequels and stories taking place at the same time as the original book.

There are some reoccurring elements in those books, but nonetheless they are all at least entertaining and definitely good reads. In my opinion the best of the Ender books is “Children of the Mind”. It comes with several new ideas not seen in the other books and the story is as gripping as the original one.

There are rumors about a movie based on “Ender’s Game” and I wonder what it will be like. Most movies based on science fiction novels are just action movies in a science fictional setting. There’s much action in that book that can make an action movie, but I hope they won’t cut out the profound parts.