My Verdict on "The Circle"

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Apparently my last post about “The Circle” lacks an actual review and a clear recommendation to read or avoid the book. Thanks to Urs Reupke for spotting this omission. So, this post is a follow-up meant to add the missing parts.

The book is a documentary of a possible future. It’s not exciting in itself. You won’t read it for its stylistic finesse, because there is none or at least none of which I am aware. But that’s probably what makes it so readable. You feel right at home. There are product presentations that could be part of an Apple keynote. There are discussions with people who totally avoid using social networks and between those who use them modestly and those who use them to protocol each of their movements.

It’s from this familiarity that Dave Eggers shows us what could be the next steps. And as you see those next steps from a distance you get a chance to think about them in way you most likely won’t while being part of the development.

So I highly recommend this book because of the thinking it triggers.