Weighort was released in 2015 and was the first iteration of what is now called WeightGlance. Back then I thought the name was funny. It followed a pattern that worked well for Osmorc and is mashed up from “Weight” and “Report”. The name didn’t age well and after some time I changed my mind and now think that it is quite ugly.

When the iPhone X was released in late 2017 I felt the urge to adapt the app for that new device because it now also looked outdated — like any other app does that lacks direct support for the iPhone X.

While working on iPhone X support some kind of enlightenment hit me and “WeightGlance” appeared out of nowhere as the one and only fitting name for that app.

Looking at the themes I had originally added to the app, the colors of some of them — especially the default one — really didn’t look that nice anymore. So I spend some time playing around with tweaked and partly totally new colors. And that resulted in much better themes.

So let’s just say, that Weighort is the first iteration of something that now truly shines in WeightGlance.