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So, what’s going on here?. It’s hot, that’s what’s going on here in Hamburg. Actually it’s not really hot. You don’t call 20 degrees Celsius hot. It’s rather humid than hot. Well, what ever it is, I’m sweating as if it were 40 degrees Celsius.

Seemed like the perfect weather for cleanup, so I’ve cleaned up my code. This page now conforms to HTML 4.01 strict. I could make it XHTML 1.0 strict conformant, but I don’t see any advantages in this. Well, one advantage would be that I would exclude Netscape 4.x from the Browsers that are capable of showing this page. It looks really bad in that browser. There is no support for transparent PNGs and the CSS-support is not that good. It will look worse now in it since the page now makes massive usage of CSS. So, at least I’ve partly excluded Netscape 4.x. I think Netscape 4.x is dead now that Mozilla 1.0 is out.

Now this page is pretty lightweight. Well, the most space on this page is taken up by my gossip. But that’s what a blog is for: gossiping on the web so that all that are interested in it or not can read it.

Anyway, I’m sort of puristic when it comes to this sorts of things. Ever noticed that well written code, be it HTML, Java or what ever, can be rather attractive? It surely looks better than crappy code. And if you not only write good code but also indent it the right way so that the structure can be seen without actually reading the code … perfect!

I’ll better cut of here or otherwise someone may get the thought that I am addicted to beautiful code. I’m not! Really! I swear! :)