Regina's Song

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I’ve finally finished reading David and Leigh Eddings’ “Regina’s Song”.

From one viewpoint this one is totally untypical for the Eddings’ people. The story does not take place in a fantasy world, is the first thing one notices. The place is the town Seattle in the USA and the time is the middle of the 1990s. You won’t meet any gods or sorcerers in this story. It’s normal everyday people you’ll meet here. As in every book, I’ve read from the Eddings’ - and that’s every book except “High Hunt” -, it’s the characters that are the real fun in the book. And as in every of those books, there are two types of characters that dominate the story.

The first one is the “Belgarath“-character type. People of this character type are always male, grumpy, somehow scatterbrained and have fun in their lives. They’ll wear two different shoes, because it’s more comfortable. And out of the same reason they’ll wear their socks inside-out.

The second one is the “Polgara“-character type. Those are female, commanding, saucy and sometimes really cute.

The names I’ve chosen for the character types are from the books of the Belgariad and Malloreon sagas, the first fantasy books they released. The funniest scenes are those, where Belgarath and Polgara are together. Their talking and their being so totally different produces tons of interesting situations.

I think that David Eddings was the model for Belgarath and Leigh Eddings was the one for Polgara. That’s probably why their books are so good, they have played all those scenes in their real live, in other settings, but nevertheless those scenes are not entirely made up. In each book after those in the Belgariad and the Malloreon you’ll find a Belgarath and a Polgara. They have other names, but it’s the same constellation and it never gets boring, because the books also have a gripping storyline.

Those always present Belgaraths and Polgaras make “Regina’s Song” a typical book for the Eddings’. It’s great and I love it as I love all those other books by David and Leigh Eddings.

Should I be more specific about the story itself? No, I don’t think so. I won’t spoil you the fun. Here is the one bit I’ll give you: The book is a thriller and one of the protagonists seems to be a descendant of Jack the Ripper.