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Yeah, it’s really hot in Hamburg. I’m sweating like hell, but that’s ok when it’s in your spare time, because then there is always the possibility to put on a new t-shirt every time you want. Or even better, you can spend the time all naked in your apartment.

Yesterday was a horrible day. I had to work and I had to put on my black suit, because this working had to be done at a customer’s place. The one good point about it was that the working only took two hours. So it actually was bearable.

That’s a funny thing. In winter the people dream about the summer and warmer weather. But when it actually comes, they dream of something cool : ice, winter, xmas. That’s weird. Well, luckily xmas comes in 6 months minus some days. That’s great. Xmas is really fun. You see all those crazy people running from one shop to another to get some presents and there’s always this music you cannot stand after hearing it for 2 hours in a row. But hey, xmas is cool.