Switching to Movable Type

| Tags: web, tool, blogging

After one year with Blog I now switched to MovableType. The installation worked like a charm. Sticking to the installation notes brought me in no time to a working system. The good and clear site information system of domainfactory, my hoster, helped also in this

I’m nearly finished changing all the templates to the style of this site. That’s not as easy as with Blog. Blog only had three or something like that templates. MovableType has 13 of them. There’s now a commenting system and a RSS feed is also available.

One advantage of MovableType is that it runs on the site and I can blog from whereever I want. The reason for using Blog and not blogger in the first place was that I did not want to post my ftp access data on some public site. Since MovableType runs on my site, I have both the security - Ok, there’s always a possibility that one’s site is hacked - and the flexibility

One thing I miss from Blog is the spell checker So be warned: Broken English can now occure more frequently than up to now. We’ll see.