Bloodless Kill Bill Vol. 2

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Yesterday I watched Kill Bill Vol. 2. The first thing to note about it is that it is rather bloodless compared to Vol. 1. There are no more blood fountains artfully splashing out of places where only seconds before various limbs very happily connected to the body they belonged to. No, in Vol. 2 the Bride is a pretty nice wench who refrains herself from dissecting her opponents. She only pulls the eye of an already one eyed enemy out of its natural environment and squashes it with a naked foot.

So: If you are bloodthirsty, you won’t get rid of your thirst by watching this movie. Nevertheless the film is worth watching. The dialogs are - as usual for a movie by Tarentino - quite cool and although there’s nearly no blood, the movie is still visually appealing.

Let’s come back to the lack of blood. I’ve got a theory of why there is so few of it in Vol. 2. I think that the producers gave Tarentino only a fixed amount of fake blood - five wagons or something like that. When Vol. 1 was finished only a few bottles were left over. I imagine Tarentino begged for more fake blood, but did not get any. So he had no choice than to come up with some new ideas.