MovableType 3.0D

| Tags: blogging, tool, web

Finally the new version of my blogging system is published. MovableType 3.0D brings a new feature I was longing for for some time now - Comment registration. You now have to register at “TypeKey” to be able to post comments to my blog.

Well, I know, I don’t like registering anywhere, either, but the blog spam became a great nuisance. So I have no choice. After all, you don’t need to tell all that much to get registered and my blog doesn’t tell TypeKey to give me your email-address. Though it is easy to get registered at Type Key, that should make an end to the stream of spam that has been hitting my site for some time now.

hmm, this site will become a bit lonely without all those spam bots. At least they posted every few days. The comments weren’t very creative and they really didn’t comment on the entries they were made on, but there was some noise. ;)