Idiots on TV

It’s been some time since my last post. Much has happened in the meanwhile.

First the fan of the power supply of my computer just stopped spinning. Fortunately I was browsing the web at that time and suddenly became aware of the fact that I smelled something getting warm. It smelled like some motor working at its limits and getting hot because of that. And suddenly I also wondered why it was so surprisingly still. I followed the smell to the power supply and woke up the fan with a fierce knock. The stillness was replaced by the familiar roaring of the power supply which began to get rid of the hot air inside it. I didn’t trust that power supply anymore and bought a new one the next day.

Two weeks after installing the new power supply I switched on my computer – like I always do after returning from work – to find a text console informing me that some important windows registry could not be found. I tried to restore Windows, but it really didn’t help. That looked like an omen. So instead of buying a new hdd, I bought a new computer.

So now I’m back on the road and I feel like posting some bile for the new start. I’m not going to change this into some kind of “BileBlog” , though. Hani’s blog fills this gap more than aptly.

So as you probably have noticed the topic of this post is “Idiots on TV”. It’s amazing how many idiots can be seen on TV. There are even shows specializing in presenting different specimen of ‘em in action. There are people talking publicly about what usual human beings would call the most private and intimate affairs. And then there are people talking and acting like idiots.

There is the classic where an older woman answers the question on whether she would tell anyone that she’s a heterosexual in the following surprising way “I would never tell anyone that I’m a heterosexual. I wouldn’t do it even if I were heterosexual, though I’m definitely not”. Well, maybe that’s not really idiocy, but only the fear of admitting the ignorance of a certain word.