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Last October in my post about KlipFolio I have been telling you how great a rss aggregator KlipFolio is. While KlipFolio is still great, I’ve abandoned it and am not using it anymore. One of the greatest reasons for me not to use KlipFolio anymore is that I’m spending a lot of time away from my personal computer. The job I’m doing - on site software development at the client’s place mostly - causes that I don’t have an own computer at work. It’s as unpredictable which computer I will use the next week or even tomorrow as it is unpredictable with whom I will do pair programming on it.

So I cannot install KlipFolio on any computer I might be using. Only a web based solution seems to be the right one. I have tried “Bloglines” . It’s OK. I somehow don’t like it’s appearance, though. Those washed out blueish colors are just horrible. And the formatting of the feeds is also very basic. It’s said to be the leader among the web based rss aggregators.

Then I discovered “NewsGator” . You can use it for free (BTW: That’s also true for Bloglines) and it has a very clean and appealing appearance. The formatting of the posts is very good. If the post contains any images, they will mostly also be shown in NewsGator. If you have a feed with complete articles (unlike The Register or the likes with only the first one or two sentences), you don’t need to visit the originating web site to read it.

I have been using it for two or three months now. It’s quite nice to pass the lunch time by reading the newest geek news in NewsGator.