The Baroque Cycle

| Tags: book, fiction

I finally finished reading “The Baroque Cycle” a trilogy by Neall Stephenson consisting of the three books “Quicksilver”, “Confusion” and “The System of the World”. The printed editions of those books together fill more than 2700 pages. It took me 1 1/2 years to read the books, but it was worth reading.

The story takes place in the 16th and 17th century mainly in London, Hanover and Paris, but there are also some parts in other places of the world. It’s a historical trilogy with an emphasis on the development of science in that time. You’ll meet Newton, Leibniz, Huygens and also some made up people. It also touches some other areas that were more or less strongly connected with science in that time. The development of commerce and the game with shareholders also take a big role in these books.

I enjoyed those books very much. I think they are very educative while also being quite gripping. Up to now all books by Neall Stephenson were very good reads. So I’m looking forward to his next book whatever it will be about.