Find and Run Robot

| Tags: tool, windows

Despite its name Find and Run Robot is a very nice tool. Conceptually it’s the same as AppRocket, Spotlight on Mac OSX or the original Launchbar. It’s a new way of launching applications.

You bring it up with Alt+Space and start typing. The characters you’re typing appear in a text field and below the text field is a list of current matches. As soon as you see the application you want to start, you navigate to the entry either by pressing the “Cursor down” key or by typing in one of the shortcut numbers shown before each entry.

AppRocket sadly wasn’t updated since Candylabs were gulped by imeem. Find and Run Robot is faster than AppRocket, less buggy (it doesn’t contain any bugs I’m aware of) and has several nice features AppRocket doesn’t have. You can, for example, setup that uninstallers aren’t shown at all or only at the bottom of the matches list.

The tool is under active development and new features are added now and then. It’s what I expected AppRocket to become.