Squareness for PalmRevolt

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Finally there is a possibility to change the look of Palm OS. “PalmRevolt” is the tool that enables you to do this. Naturally, I started creating a Squareness skin not long after discovering it. Creating skins for PalmRevolt is quite easy though there is no special tool with which it can be done. There are two text files and a bunch of BMP images that need editing.

One added difficulty is that Palm OS only supports 16bit colors and that the colors are displayed quite differently on the Palm screens - shifted more towards blue than on normal pc monitors. So it wasn’t possible to use the Squareness colors in their original form. It was a try and error procedure. Use a color, try it on the Palm, try to find a better shade etc.

But finally I found colors that resemble those on the pc screen quite well. And so I released it.

Squarness for PalmRevolt