King Kong = Jurassic Park 4

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Oh well. I had to watch it. It’s the newest movie by Peter Jackson and I really had to know what the next thing after “The Lord of The Rings” would look like.

From the nerd’s viewpoint it’s an amazingly well done movie. The effects are very well done and the creatures look quite realistic. Besides the big monkey otherwise known as King Kong there are all kinds of dinosaurs and also some other prehistoric creatures which probably actually never dwelt on this planet.

The story is as shallow as ever. King Kong falls in love with a blond beauty from New York and defends her against all sorts of creatures. Finally King Kong is transported to New York and becomes the main actor in a Broadway show. He dislikes his role very much and leaves the show. On his way to the Empire State Building he picks up his beloved blond and climbs all the way to the top of the skyscraper where he is finally shot down by some war planes.

Not much of a story, is it? The dinosaurs a worth a look and there are some nicely done scenes with all those imaginatively created creatures. Peter Jackson created another 3 hour movie but this time it’s only effects and nearly no story.