WordPress 2.0

| Tags: blogging

Only a few days after setting up the Squareness DevBlog with WordPress 1.5.2 WordPress 2.0 was now released. I took the time to upgrade to 2.0. It’s a fairly easy procedure not unlike the one needed to upgrade a MovableType installation.

The most changes in WordPress affect the inner workings of it and are mostly interesting to plugin authors and eventually for the WordPress users who will profit from better plugins. The administration GUI changed to a blueish color scheme and AJAX is used on several parts of it.

A thing that will probably cause some controversies is the new Aksimet plugin for comment spam checking. With this plugin WordPress leaves the “purely OpenSource” landscape. The WordPress zealots complained about Six Apart’s central role in the TypeKey service. For Aksimet to work you need an API-key from WordPress.com and all comments that are posted on your WordPress blog are send to Aksimet for checking. Now come on WP zealots and explain how this is better than the Six Apart/TypeKey situation.