Firefox Bookmarks Extension

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I have been using the “ Firefox extension” for some time now. It’s OK, but it is not really a replacement of Firefox’s bookmark functionality. While browsing through, I found another extension that integrates into Firefox. It’s called “ Bookmarks”. This extension completely replaces Firefox’s bookmark functionality.

There’s a nice sidebar which can be used to browse through the bookmarks grouped by tags. It also has a search functionality that’s way faster than the one of the other extension since this extension caches the bookmarks from Of course you can also use this extension to tag a page in

Well, now I really imported all my bookmarks into and found a feature I haven’t seen before in Bookmarks can be marked as private. So it’s now possible to have a collection of public bookmarks, viewable for anyone, and one, that only the owner of the account can see when logged in. That’s quite a good feature and the lack of it prevented me from having all my bookmarks on For example I don’t want anyone to know at which banks I have accounts. And there are also some URLs related to my job that are of no interest to anyone but me. Of course - even with this feature - I would never put any bookmarks that also include passwords to ftp-servers and the like on

After installing the extension I had some weird problems with my browser. Some pages where a bit jumpy - scrolling constantly up and down a few pixels. I disabled the extension then. I have used a customized layout where the contents of the bookmarks toolbar was on the right side of the menu. After installing the extension, this setup was lost but not really. I didn’t see the contents of the bookmark toolbar anymore, since it wasn’t available anymore. Somehow that fact irritated Firefox and made those pages a bit jumpy. I rearranged the layout to its default settings, reenabled the extension and now it works without any problems.