NaviActionPad 0.7

| Tags: dev, intellij-idea, java

After 3 months of inactivity – at least concerning this plugiin – I have made a new release of it.

While using it whenever I worked with IDEA, I noticed that it behaved a bit unpredictable. The problem was that it always took the currently selected PsiElement as the context for any further action. So you could place the cursor on a class name that appeared as the type of a variable in a declaration or in a call to a static method of a class. After invocation NaviActionPad would recognize the class as the currently selected element and would show the contents of the package the class belongs to. Nice feature, but not necessarily what one wants. When you edit a class, that class is your current context. So when you invoke NaviActionPad you want to see the method the cusor is in and not the class of some variable. Now NaviActionPad checks whether an editor is focused and takes the element of that class the cursor is in as its context. It may be a method, a field, some inner class or the class itself, but it won’t be something currently out of scope.

There’s also a new IDEA action usable to invoke NaviActionPad in a new manner. Since NaviActionPad is now so much more predictable, you can directly go to the list of available actions by pressing CTRL+F11.

Also take a look at the updated web site