Waiting for iPhone 3G

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Some time ago I ordered an iPhone 3G at T-Mobile. My current contract with T-Mobile ended this month, so it was a perfect occasion to get an iPhone. Unfortunately it wasn’t delivered, yet.

I called T-Mobile ServiceCenter today and after askinig around the guy at the ServiceCenter told me that they expect a new batch of iPhones this week. He assured me that since I ordered very early, I would be very near the top of the list and that if he could, he would deliver my iPhone personally.

Coincidentally I received a postcard from T-Mobile today: “A little pastime”. There’s an iPhone you can cut out and if you stick the right parts together, you get a little iPhone model. Awesome !!! There’s also a gift code for an iPhone silicon cover on the postcard.

Well, at least T-Mobile tries to keep their waiting customers happy.