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Neal Stephenson has written another great book – Anathem. Visit the website of the book for a short summary of what it’s about and some nice videos featuring the author himself talking about the book and reading some passages from it. BTW, the trailer that is also available on the website is totally misleading. It shows some scenes from the book but without the story surrounding the scenes, you have to get the wrong impression of it.

If you liked the Baroque Cycle you will also like this one. As the driving theme of the Baroque Cycle was science it’s philosophy in Anathem.

One reviewer from Locus wrote that it’s “porno for polymaths”. Well, I’m not a polymath and don’t know who originally came up with most of the philosophic ideas presented in the book, but you don’t need to know it to enjoy the book. The story is gripping – as usual in a book by Stephenson – and the ideas are fascinating even without making the connection to their origins.