Void Trilogy

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The Void trilogy is another three volume space opera by Peter F. Hamilton. It’s not really revolutionary. But if you liked “Night’s Dawn” or the “Commonwealth Saga” – his former space operas – you’ll like this one, too. It’s a sequel to the Commonwealth Saga and since persons from it make reappearances here and situations from it are referenced reading the saga first is a good idea.

As in his former books, in the Void trilogy there’s a conflict that threatens a whole galaxy. People travel faster than light in space ships to prevent the catastrophe and some nice political and religious games are played out on a great stage.

This time around a singularity – the void – is the cause of great concern. Science fiction has seen some books about singularities – great artificial or somehow otherwise strange intelligences – in the past and many of them probably with scientifically better theories, but Hamilton’s take on the subject is nevertheless a good read.

Actually there are two stories told alternately. One takes place inside the void, where people have some amazing psychic abilities. The other one takes place outside the void, where people view the inside story while dreaming. Naturally some of the outsiders want to get into the void while others try to prevent them from getting inside.

Both stories provide lots of suspense  and fun and merge in a nice final.