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When rumors came up that Yahoo would shut down “Delicious” some time ago, I started searching for an alternative online bookmark management solution. Finally I came across Pinboard and signed up for an account. Importing all my Delicous bookmarks was a piece of cake and the interface looked nice and clean.

Then Delicious wasn’t shut down. It only got sold to another company. So somehow I returned to Delicious. I don’t have many bookmarks. I collected 350 of them and sometimes there are weeks when I really don’t add a new one. So it’s not as if the bookmark manager were a vital tool for me.

Anyways Delicious started to irritate me a bit recently. It looks bloated and they seem to add features I don’t really need. So I returned to Pinboard recently and will probably stay there. It still has the clean and nice interface and a useful mobile variant of it. The feature set  hasn’t changed for ages, but as it’s good as it is it doesn’t need to.

There’s one difference to Delicious that will matter to some people. For a Pinboard-account you have to pay a one time sign up fee of currently 9,51 $. The fee is getting increased by one cent for each new account.

In case of being interested you can browse my public bookmarks at Pinboard.