The Name of the Wind

| Tags: book, fiction, fantasy

“The Name of the Wind” is a fantasy novel by Patrick Rothfuss. I don’t remember where, but some time ago I read a recommendation for it and added it to my private wishlist on Amazon which always contains more than 200 books that I might want to read some day. Then I spotted it in one of those regular ebook sales and bought it for 1€ a half year ago. After reading The Road I just felt like reading a fantasy book. I paged through the list of books on my kindle, opened “The Name of the Wind” and started reading.

I probably wouldn’t have stopped reading until I’d finished it if I weren’t the slow reader I am and if I didn’t need to sleep, eat, work and do whatever other things one needs to do besides reading.

The story is pure delight to read. The characters are interesting and the adventures they live through thrilling. There’s magic, conflicts, romance and mystery and all sorts of things that make a good story. Should I tell you that the protagonist is a talented boy who learns all manner of things — including different kinds of magic — pretty fast but gets in trouble quite often because of his wisecracking tendencies? That suggests some fun and there is plenty fun in that book. But that won’t tell you that it’s an outstanding book and that’s also the case. You’ll have to see for yourselves. Anyone even remotely interested in fantasy books should read this one.

But be warned. Half way through I realized that it is the first part of a trilogy. It was first published in 2007. The second part — “The Wise Man’s Fear” —, which I’m currently reading, was released in 2011. And the third — “The Doors of Stone” — is announced for late August this year. I’m happy to have started reading it this year, because waiting 9 years for the conclusion would most likely have been maddening.