The Wise Man's Fear

| Tags: book, fiction, fantasy

“The Wise Man’s Fear” is the second book in Patrick Rothfuss’ Kingkiller trilogy and continues the story that begun in The Name of the Wind.

The second book has the same great writing we got accustomed to with the first book. There are new great stories there. Kvothe leaves the university for some time and lives through adventures in other places.

There’s a part in that book that I found disappointing. I tend to get bored when an author tries to convey that their protagonists need to wait some long time before anything of significance happens. There’s one such long stretch in this book. The author tries to make it interesting with some smaller stories a group of people tell each other at the evening campfire. And the stories are indeed interesting, but the main story line slows down very much then.

The second book is much longer than the first, though. So there’s plenty of great storytelling in there to make up for that. I especially liked the part where the Adem culture is described. It’s clearly visible that parts of that culture are derived from Buddhism and eastern martial arts, but Adem culture has its own interesting peculiarities.

As with the first book, I also recommend this one and can’t wait to read the third book, but will actually have to wait four months before I have any chance to get it.